Dr. Michael Hasenstab in India: A Bright Spot Amongst Emerging Markets

On a recent visit to India, Dr. Michael Hasenstab, CIO Templeton Global Macro, discusses his latest outlook for the country along with timely perspectives for the broader global fixed income markets.

India: A Bright Spot amongst Emerging Markets?

Templeton Global Macro’s Dr. Michael Hasenstab explains why he believes structural reforms have India potentially positioned for long-lasting growth and breaks down the short- and medium-term outlook for the country.

Asian Financial Crisis: A Look Back at Lessons Learned

Emerging markets have come a long way since the Asian Financial Crisis in the 1990s. Dr. Hasenstab shares his views on the important lessons learned and discusses what’s different now 20 years later.

Global Fixed Income Markets: Uncovering the Risks and Opportunities

Amidst a backdrop of turbulence within global fixed income markets, Templeton Global Macro’s Dr. Michael Hasenstab identifies potential areas of risk and where he’s finding opportunities.

Global Fixed Income Markets: What Factors are Driving Markets?

Templeton Global Macro’s Dr. Michael Hasenstab shares which factors he believes will likely impact markets the rest of the year.