Consider Franklin Lifesmart Funds

Franklin LifeSmart Retirement Target Funds are expertly designed and continually fine-tuned, seeking to maximize outcomes at retirement while actively and continuously managing risk. The funds’ managers continually evaluate each fund’s investments within its glide path and have the flexibility to make adjustments to manage risk and take advantage of current market opportunities.

New Generation of Target Date Design

LifeSmart’s “to retirement” glide path focuses on helping participants seek a higher ending account value at retirement which can help improve retirement outcomes by supporting higher distributions.

Strategic Asset Allocation focuses on asset growth while also attempting to decrease risk exposure as participants near the target date.

  • Pre-Retirement Years—focused on risk-adjusted returns with a goal of getting participants to retirement with a higher end portfolio value.
  • At and In Retirement—exposure to fixed income is increased in an attempt to reduce risk, should market volatility occur, and to help preserve assets as participants enter retirement.

Tactical Asset Allocation provides flexibility to take advantage of short-term opportunities and help mitigate risk.

  • Up to 10% tactical adjustment in equity and fixed income.
  • Up to 5% tactical adjustment in alternative investments.
  • Ability to move in and out of sub-asset classes.

Navigating the Glide Paths

“You’re managing the portfolio that can be essentially from a person’s graduation party all the way through their retirement party,” says Thomas Nelson, SVP, Director of Investment Solutions, Franklin Templeton Solutions in his discussion on how glide paths have evolved and made improvements over the years.

Dynamic Management

Managed by Franklin Templeton Solutions — a team of more than 60 investment professionals with more than 20 years of experience managing multi-asset and multi-style portfolios.1

The LifeSmart funds have:

  • 100+ investment vehicles available.
  • Up to 20% allocation in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • Up to 10% allocation to Alternative Funds.

Active Management: Tactical, Not Disruptive

“We use ETFs to be tactical without being disruptive,” says Thomas Nelson, SVP, Director of Investment Solutions, Franklin Templeton Solutions in his discussion about the use of exchange traded funds prominence and the potential benefits of adding ETS to target date funds.

Risk-Aware Performance

The Franklin Templeton Solutions team takes a proactive, risk-aware approach. This means that they continually and diligently research, test, and evaluate the fund’s underlying investments along with current market conditions. This approach, paired with a diversified set of investments, is intended to reduce overall volatility.

LifeSmart Funds Earn Top Quartile Rankings

Compared to its peers2, the LifeSmart Funds have been able to produce a higher return for less risk throughout the volatile market cycles encountered since 2006.

Prominent amongst Peers

“What tends to set us apart from our peers is twofold,” says Thomas Nelson, SVP, Director of Investment Solutions, Franklin Templeton Solutions, in his discussion about his team and what sets them apart from competitors.