Retirement Infographic

Turn Retirement Concerns
Into Retirement Confidence1

Expectation Versus Reality

Is your plan realistic?

If you are unable to retire due to insufficient income...

Nearly 4 in 10 individuals who retired before age 65, did so due to circumstances outside of their control

Thinking About Retirement Can Be Stressful

Top concern for or during retirement:

of people within 15 years of retirement are STRESSED about their savings and investments

People With A Written Plan Are Less Stressed

Of those with a written plan...

84%have a strategy to generate income that could last 30 years or more

86%know how they will pay for medical expenses in retirement

Three Steps To Retirement Confidence


Know Your Situation
Identify your concerns and set individual goals.


Work With A Financial Advisor
Professional advice makes a difference.


Write Your Plan Down
Having a plan in your head may not be enough.
Write it down and revisit and adjust as needed.