Portfolio Construction Resources

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Franklin Templeton Portfolio Consulting Services offers a range of portfolio services to help improve the risk profiles of your model portfolios, potentially improving client outcomes.


  • Gain insight into a portfolio's allocation of risk using multiple lenses
  • Quantify underlying sources of risk and return
  • Identify fund level improvements to potentially enhance the matrix of funds you use
  • Obtain perspective on the dynamic interaction of portfolio assets
  • Customize your review to meet your specific requirements
  • Consult with risk analytics' professionals to understand gaps and hidden risks

Portfolio Review

Franklin Templeton Portfolio Consulting Services (FTPCS) comprises a team of analysts who will run analytics on your model portfolios. We offer the opportunity to evaluate your fund matrix, run a diagnostic on your portfolio, or compare models. Our experienced team can run an in-depth portfolio review that uses multiple risk lenses and analytics to deliver insights and address potential areas of concern. Please see below for examples:

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1 Talk to your Franklin Templeton Senior Advisor Consultant/Advisor Consultant to request a review of your model portfolio.

2 The initial call with Franklin Templeton Portfolio Consulting Services will be to discuss your current model(s), fund selection approach, desired portfolio outcomes and constraints on investment, and determine any other areas where the FTPCS team can add value.

3 The FTPCS team will run the analysis and arrange a time to share and review the results.

4 FTPCS will present the analysis, including factor contribution analysis, regime analysis, historical and scenario stress tests and ex-ante risk exposure. They may suggest ideas for implementing potential model improvements or where changes can result in improved risk/reward profiles.

5 Commit the models to ongoing review. Markets change and your models should be reviewed and tested on an ongoing basis. FTPCS can periodically verify a model's attributes and expected behavior, continuing the portfolio refinement process.


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