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Time to Take Stock


2020 VISION: Time to Take Stock

Are you still trying to time the market?

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Emerging Markets Outlook

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Global Market Viewpoints

April 05, 2014

Dr. Michael Hasenstab in Kiev, Ukraine

Dr. Michael Hasenstab, Franklin Templeton Executive Vice President, CIO, Global Bonds

Dr. Michael Hasenstab: “Certainly there is a crisis. … However, adversity doesn’t define a country. It’s how a people respond to adversity that defines a country.”

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US Market Perspectives

March 20, 2014

Alan Muschott: Is it Time for Convertibles?

Alan Muschott, VP, PM, Franklin Equity Group

Alan Muschott: “I have been managing convertibles for almost 12 years now and every year I have been asked that question: Is this the right time to own convertibles?”

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