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University Connection

Embarking on a new career can be one of the most exciting times in your life. As you begin your career, you are building on the personal motivation and academic achievement you have already attained.

While general recruiting is on-going, recruitment for our university programs generally takes place between September and April, at which time positions may be posted under our Job Listings. Since recruiting for programs is driven by our business needs, the number of open positions and the locations where they are available will vary.

Internship Program

Franklin Templeton's summer internship opportunities are designed to enhance your academic background and give you exposure to the investment industry. Each year, we recruit junior and senior-level undergraduates to work as interns.

As an Undergraduate Intern, you will assume many of the responsibilities of a first year associate. You'll have an opportunity to work on projects and assignments to enhance your analytical and communication skills. This is a great chance to gain work experience and build relationships while still completing your education.


Futures Program

Our Futures Program is designed to develop a talented pool of employees who will contribute to Franklin Templeton Investments as a global leader in the industry. Futures Associates experience a series of rotations within different functional areas of the company. These rotations could include Customer Service/Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, Portfolio Management and Information Technology. Development consists of on-the-job experience, classroom training and a variety of workshops.

Futures Associates also participate in our Mentorship Program. Your mentor, a member of the leadership team, will provide you with the support and guidance necessary to become a valuable contributor to our organization.


Research Associate Program

The Research Associate Program is designed to provide selected candidates the opportunity to spend two years in Franklin's Equity or High-Yield Investment Research groups in San Mateo, California. Research Associates work on an industry/sector team and may be paired up with senior research analysts who act as mentors.

Responsibilities include constructing and maintaining complex financial models, interacting with Wall Street analysts and company management, analyzing company and industry trends, and communicating research results and recommendations to other members of the Portfolio Management Department. The program includes an initial orientation as well as ongoing internal and external training opportunities. Qualifications for the Research Associate Program include excellent academic credentials, strong written and verbal communication skills and well-defined analytical skills.