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Is Your Fixed Income Strategy Working for You?

With ongoing market volatility and macro uncertainty, many investors have increased their allocations in fixed income to anchor their portfolios. However, simply increasing a portfolio's exposure to passively managed strategies may lead to missed opportunities and potential losses. We believe that now, more than ever, investors need active fixed income strategies which are overseen by skilled and seasoned managers who seek to deliver specific outcomes through levers such as security selection and duration, credit, sector and yield curve positioning.

Why ETFs?

Like other investment vehicles, ETFs span multiple investment styles, geographies, and asset classes. Despite the wide range of ETFs available, most offer the following benefits:

Relative to mutual funds, ETFs typically have fewer administrative costs and lower marketing and distribution fees.

Because ETFs trade daily on an exchange, most of them disclose holdings daily – right down to the specific securities.

Tax Eficiency
ETFs are generally considered to be tax efficient because an investor’s capital gains are typically deferred until they sell their shares.

An ETF can be traded intraday on an exchange, regardless of its spread or volume because the liquidity of ETF is driven by the liquidity of the underlying securities.

Active Fixed Income ETFs

Seeks to maximize total return opportunities in U.S. core fixed income.

  • Use as a core building block for broad exposure to U.S. investment grade bonds

  • Actively managed through bond selection and sector allocation

Benchmark Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index
Net Expense Ratio1 0.15%
Inception Date September 17, 2019
Morningstar Category Intermediate Core Bond
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Seeks to provide income and help reduce credit risk by investing primarily in investment grade rated corporate debt securities.

  • Investment process aims to identify financially strong companies with favorable growth potential and sustainable competitive advantages

  • Actively managed by a team of investment professionals with access to an extensive global credit platform

Benchmark Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Corporate Investment Grade Index
Net Expense Ratio1 0.35%
Inception Date October 3, 2016
Morningstar Category Corporate Bond
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Seeks to provide income while reducing credit and interest rate risk.

  • Invests across entire U.S. government bond universe, actively managing duration positioning, sector allocation, and security selection

  • Managed by an experienced investment team that has been investing in U.S. government bonds since 1947

Benchmark Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Government Index 1-3 Year Component
Net Expense Ratio1 0.25%
Inception Date November 4, 2013
Morningstar Category Short Government
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