Model Portfolio Services for LPL Financial

Building better portfolios leads to stronger client relationships

By leveraging model portfolios, you can focus on what matters for your investors and your practice.


of investors had a positive reaction when their advisor told them there were outsourcing investment management.

Source: Investment Management Outsourcing: Impact on Clients, Northern Trust, 2014

Why Model Portfolios

It’s not easy doing it all. By outsourcing to model portfolios, advisors can offload some or all of their day-to-day asset management responsibility, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of their practice.


Create a more efficient portfolio management process


Leverage institutional investment management resources

Client connection

Ability to focus more time on client acquisition and retention


Better address compliance/regulations

Due Diligence

More stringent manager due diligence

Source: Distribution in a Model-Driven Age, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., 2019

LPL Model Wealth Portfolios

The LPL Research Franklin Templeton Tax Aware and Franklin Templeton Income Portfolios are tactically managed by LPL Research and tailored based on each model’s unique investment goal. Franklin Templeton funds are used for the core allocation and include other fund managers to complete each model portfolio. LPL Research believes that leveraging Franklin Templeton funds for the predominant allocation provides a solid foundation for these portfolios.

Franklin Templeton Tax Aware Portfolios

Franklin Templeton Income Portfolios


Powered by Franklin Templeton’s best thinking
The Franklin Templeton Outcome Models are paper-based models developed by Franklin Templeton Multi-Asset Solutions (FTMAS). The models are designed for outcomes and changing markets with a wide array of options, including varying investment objectives and risk tolerance levels.


Portfolios dynamically adjusted to respond to changing markets.

Cost Effective

Cost-effective mix of active funds and ETFs.


Stress-tested under multiple scenarios and across market regimes.

Combined with the flexibility to customize based on advisor discretion
Suggested allocations are provided to the advisor by FTMAS quarterly. The advisor has discretion to modify the fund selection and make the trades.

View the Models

A broad range of model portfolios, including investment options for stability, income, growth & income and growth, to better meet your client's individual needs.

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View/Order the Brochure

A brochure that summarizes each of the individual portfolios and the benefits of the FTMAS investment management.


Franklin Templeton’s Portfolio Construction Resources

Franklin Templeton’s Portfolio Consulting Services offers several analytical reports and consultative services to help you refine and test your model portfolios. From a matrix review of the funds you use, to deep dive portfolio diagnostics examining portfolio risk through multiple lenses, we can help you with the evaluation and strengthening of your model portfolios for the desired outcomes. Results can include historical and scenario-based stress tests, risk factor decomposition, regime analysis, and holdings analysis on both an ex-post and ex-ante basis.

Comprehensive Analytics

View your portfolios through many lenses in terms of its composition, and its risk and return metrics, including MPT statistics.

Custom Benchmarks

We provide a broad spectrum of blended benchmarks to provide appropriate comparisons for your models.

Stress Testing

See how your portfolio would have fared during past market events AND how it might potentially react in various hypothetical market scenarios.

Learn more about Franklin Templeton's Portfolio Consulting Services.