MAPS Portfolio Services
for Morgan Stanley

Model Portfolios Seeking Better Outcomes

By leveraging model portfolios, you can focus on what matters for your investors and your practice.


of investors had a positive reaction when their advisor told them they were outsourcing investment management.

Why Model Portfolios

It’s not easy doing it all. By using model portfolios, advisors can offload some or all of their day-to-day asset management responsibility, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of their practice.



Create a more efficient portfolio management process



Leverage institutional investment management resources

Client connection

Client connection

Ability to focus more time on client acquisition and retention



Better address compliance/regulations

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

More stringent manager due diligence

Model Portfolios in MAPS

Designed by Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions, the Morgan Stanley MAPS portfolios available in the Select UMA platform offer Franklin Templeton's best thinking in one investment decision. Choose from seven outcome-oriented model portfolios categorized by various investment objectives.

Model NameInvestment Objective


Quality Income Seeks current income by investing primarily in funds that carry an investment grade-rated average credit quality
Income Seeks to generate a relatively steady and high level of income
Tax-Advantaged Income Seeks to generate a relatively steady and high level of primarily tax-exempt income

Growth and

Growth and Income Seeks total return by combining current income and capital appreciation
Growth and Enhanced Income Seeks total return by combining high current income and capital appreciation
Tax-Advantaged Growth and Income Seeks total return by combining capital appreciation and primarily tax-exempt income


Legg Mason Alternative Completion Portfolios Seeks long-term capital appreciation by providing a complementary portfolio of lowly-correlated return streams that may provide return potential regardless of market direction

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Portfolio Construction Resources

Franklin Templeton’s Portfolio Consulting Services offers several analytical reports and consultative services to help you refine and test your portfolios. From a matrix review of the funds you use, to deep dive portfolio diagnostics examining portfolio risk through multiple lenses, we can help you with the evaluation and strengthening of your portfolios for the desired outcomes. Results can include historical and scenario-based stress tests, risk factor decomposition, regime analysis, and holdings analysis.

Comprehensive Analytics

View your portfolios through many lenses in terms of their composition and their risk and return metrics, including MPT statistics.

Custom Benchmarks

We provide a broad spectrum of blended benchmarks to provide appropriate comparisons for your models.

Stress Testing

See how your portfolio would have fared during past market events AND how it might potentially react in various hypothetical market scenarios.

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