Fund Description

The fund seeks capital appreciation by investing predominantly in equity securities of companies that the investment manager believes offer compelling growth opportunities. The investment manager considers many factors in the selection criteria, including historical and potential growth in revenues and earnings, assessment of strength and quality of management, and determination of a company’s strategic positioning in its industry.

Strategy Statement

"Market participants often underestimate the pace and duration of growth. We aim to add value with differentiated, long-term views and a focused portfolio of securities."


Matthew Moberg

Matthew Moberg

  • Joined Franklin Templeton in 1998
  • Managed Fund Since 2016

Strategy, Benefits, Results


We use bottom-up research to identify companies with compelling and sustainable growth trajectories whose current valuations don't reflect our views of their long-term prospects. Our process emphasizes factors such as quality, market share, competitive positioning, and the evolution of innovation. The end result is a growth-focused portfolio of 25-50 securities.


- Seasoned portfolio manager supported by deep team of fundamental research analysts
- Concentrated yet diversified exposure to high-conviction growth equity investments
- Strategy aligns with the long-time horizon of many investors