Fund Description

Franklin Corefolio Allocation Fund seeks capital appreciation through a diversified, multidisciplined approach. It targets both growth and value style investments by investing in approximately equal allocations of 25% to Franklin Growth Opportunities Fund, Franklin Growth Fund, Franklin Mutual Shares Fund and Templeton Growth Fund.

Strategy Statement

"As a result of the strategies utilized by its underlying funds, we believe the fund provides a diversified approach across investing styles, offering potential for long-term growth."


Thomas Nelson, CFA

Thomas Nelson, CFA®

  • Joined Franklin Templeton in 2007
  • Managed Fund Since 2019
May Tong, CFA

May Tong, CFA®

  • Joined Franklin Templeton in 2018
  • Managed Fund Since 2019

Strategy, Benefits, Results


  • We invest in four underlying funds—Franklin Growth Opportunities Fund, Franklin Growth Fund, Templeton Growth Fund and Franklin Mutual Shares Fund.
  • These underlying funds form a portfolio consisting of both growth- and value-style stocks from around the world across a range of market capitalizations.


  • Diversification. We typically seek broad industry and country exposures for added diversification opportunities.
  • Low Common Holdings. The distinct investment approaches of the underlying managers generally leads to a low number of holdings common to all four underlying funds.
  • Automatic Rebalancing. We maintain consistent exposures to distinct investment strategies throughout changing market environments.

Selling The Fund

  1. Explain that the fund's automatic rebalancing feature ensures intact asset allocation in any market environment.
  2. Emphasize the fund's broad diversification.
  3. Point out how your client can access three world-class investment management groups through one vehicle.