Franklin India Growth Fund

This fund or share class has been liquidated or reorganized.

This fund or share class has been liquidated or reorganized.


Investment Philosophy

We view our primary strengths as the Franklin India Equity team’s presence on the ground and in-depth approach to fundamental research, its expertise in India equity investing, its investment process and its ability to think independently.

Our bottom-up approach to investing is focused on the fundamental analysis of individual companies, based on internal research. It is the foundation of our investment process, aimed at identifying and selecting companies that combine growth, quality and sustainability characteristics at a sensible price.

Stock Selection Philosophy

GrowthQualitySustainability of Results
Use of financial analysis to evaluate:
  • potential to generate positive cash flows or earnings that appear to be increasing at a rate faster than that of the industry/economy
  • profitable reinvestment opportunities
  • potential to sustain high return on capital in the long term
Capital return and management analysis to determine:
  • company management’s strategic thinking and execution abilities
  • integrity, depth, capital allocation and corporate governance standards
Analysis of a company’s long-term ability to:
  • sustain its competitive product/service brand/cost advantage
  • create sustainable shareholder value

Investment Process