Portfolio Analysis

Give your model portfolios a health check

Have your model portfolios analyzed to see if they are currently configured to achieve their expected outcomes.

You’ve spent a lot of time assembling portfolios to meet your clients’ desired outcomes. But markets are fluid, and portfolios need to be monitored. Let Franklin Templeton provide a complimentary review and analysis of your current model portfolios to identify opportunities and threats or validate your efforts.

Comprehensive Analytics

View your portfolio through many lenses in terms of its composition and its risk and return metrics including MPT statistics.

Custom Benchmarks

We provide a broad spectrum of blended benchmarks to provide appropriate comparisons for your models.

Stress Testing

See how your portfolio would have fared during past market events AND how it might potentially react in various hypothetical market scenarios.

Fund Comparisons

Traffic Light Reports

Our Traffic Light reports provide a snapshot comparison of your portfolio’s component funds against their peer groups and benchmarks. It can highlight areas of underperformance and potential vulnerability while offering investment alternatives that potentially present better return opportunities and risk mitigation possibilities.

ESG Comparison

Obtain an ESG Comparison providing independent analysis of environmental, social, governance and controversy scores of your funds.

Fund Comparison

Fund Comparison reports take a deeper dive analysis of a fund set including common holdings, correlation and style analyses.

Portfolio Diagnostic

Portfolio Diagnostic

Take a deep dive into the characteristics of your model portfolio with our Portfolio Diagnostic report. View portfolio level exposures and obtain snapshots of MPT statistics along with additional portfolio level analysis, such as tracking error and correlation among portfolio holdings.

Portfolio Comparison

Use our Portfolio Comparison capabilities to compare your portfolio against a modified version to see how minor changes may positively impact your model’s portfolio.

Stress Test

Stress Test

Our Stress Test reports allow you to see how your model portfolios would have reacted under the circumstances you – and your clients – want to be prepared for the most. Find out how your portfolios would have fared during the 2008 Lehman collapse… or the 2011 eurozone crisis…or any of a number of significant market disruptions. See what might happen if oil rises by 50% or the US dollar declines by 20%. This may offer the opportunity to see if your portfolios are as durable as you expect them to be.

How to Request a Portfolio Review


Select review type

Submit your request for our team to run a review. We can run analyses ranging from fund comparisons to portfolio diagnostics to portfolio stress tests. We’d be happy to help you find the analysis you’re looking for.


Provide your model portfolio or funds

When you call us, we’ll advise you where to send your portfolio holdings. For fastest service please send a spreadsheet (.xls). If your list is in a .docx or .pdf format, we can work with that, too.


Receive your review

We will email you the review in 2-3 business days.

Start today!

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