Portfolio Consulting

Test your model portfolios and receive
potential recommendations

Have your model portfolios analyzed using multiple risk lenses and see how proposed changes can potentially improve the risk/return balance and expected outcomes.

Even the best model portfolio should be periodically examined, tested and compared using many risk filters to determine if it’s truly best constructed to achieve desired outcomes across a range of potential markets. Have our team of portfolio consultants provide your model a deep dive analysis that may validate your diligence or offer potential adjustments to improve the model’s profile.

Risk Factor Decomposition

Our risk analytics include risk factor contribution by broad exposures, including equity, curve, currency and commodity as well as a more detailed breakdown of sub-asset class risk.

Ex-ante Risk Analysis

Offering both normal model and market model assumptions, we provide sophisticated risk metrics, including Value at Risk (VaR), Expected Tail Loss (ETL) exposure and STARR ratios.

Stress Testing

View your model portfolio’s results against customized benchmarks under a variety of historical market disruptions and under many possible future economic and market scenarios.

Regime Analysis

Understand how your model portfolio fared against its customized benchmark in a regime analysis of broad markets, including US stocks, bonds, commodities and the US dollar.

Ex-post Analysis

Receive a thorough examination of risk and reward characteristics of your model portfolio against customized benchmarks and see how potential changes may improve the profile characteristics.

Asset Correlations

Get a snapshot of the historical correlations of funds in your model portfolio.

How to Request Portfolio Consulting Services


Contact Your Advisor Consultant

Simply talk to your advisor consultant team


Provide Your Model Portfolio

Provide your model portfolio and answer a few questions about any portfolio constraints and concerns you have.


Submit and View Results

Your Advisor Consultant will submit the request to the Portfolio Consulting Services team and arrange a time for them to review the results with you.

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