Portfolio Matrix Review

Cut through the noise and see how your investment line-up is actually
performing - and how it might be able to perform even better.

As a trusted asset manager, we want to empower advisors who are seeking the right investments for their clients’ goals.

Franklin Templeton's complimentary Matrix Review Service offers a powerful new way to examine your entire fund line-up. By seeing a clear and transparent cross-section of your mutual funds and ETFs - whether they're from Franklin Templeton or another provider - you may be able to spot areas of potential improvement or opportunities for diversification.

At-a-glance access

Your review will cover dozens of fund characteristics, allowing you to quickly and clearly see strengths and weaknesses.

Objective analysis

We run your investments through our analytical tool, providing a straightforward view into your line-up's true performance.

Comprehensive information

You'll be able to download your report as an Excel file, giving you the power to perform your own analysis on our data.

How to Request a Matrix Review


Select funds to review

When you call us, we’ll advise you where to send a list of your fund names and/or tickers for us to review. For fastest service, please send a spreadsheet (.xls). If your list is in a .docx or .pdf format, we can work with that, too.


Submit your request

Submit your request for our team to run a matrix review. We'll review the funds you provide on a range of risk and return metrics to provide you greater insight into their performance characteristics.

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Receive your Review

We will send your matrix review via email in 2-4 business days. The matrix review will arrive as an Excel file, so it is easy for you to export it into your system or run your own analysis.

Start today!
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