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Good for your practice

By introducing 529's as part of my client presentation, I have expanded my relationship to include multiple generations.

A potential path to multigenerational sales, recurring revenue, and increased referrals.

Looking for ways to talk to multiple generations of your clients' family? Unlike other types of investing, 529s encourage families to work together in order to pay for college.

Start with Grandparents

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Start with Parents

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Minimize student debt for kids and grandchildren

On average, students graduate with $30,000 in student loan debt1—which can impact their ability to buy a house, get married, start a family and save for retirement. Saving for college can help minimize the burden of student debt. Consider this...if your clients invest $1 a day for 18 years it can reduce student loan debt payments by $150 a month after college.

Assumes investing rate at 7% and borrowing for 10 years at 6%.

College is a retirement expense!

Did you know? People with children are 4.5 times more likely to say that financing education would be the reason why they would delay retirement.*

Being able to help clients solve both college and retirement is becoming increasingly important. How will you help clients do both?


*The Franklin Templeton Retirement Income Strategies and Expectations (RISE) survey was conducted online among a sample of 2,019 adults comprising 1,011 men and 1,008 women 18 years of age or older. The survey was administered between January 4 and 18, 2016, by ORC International's Online CARAVAN®, which is not affiliated with Franklin Templeton Investments. Data is weighted to gender, age, geographic region, education and race. The custom-designed weighting program assigns a weighting factor to the data based on current population statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Grandparents—your best 529 prospects?

Grandparents may not be the first people you think of when prospecting for college savings. However, they may be the best 529 prospects. In fact, 72 percent of grandparents think it's important to help grandchildren pay for their college education.*

Three Reasons for Grandparents to Work with You:

*Source: Fidelity Investments Grandparents and College Savings Study, www.fidelity.com/inside-fidelity/individual-investing/generation-generosity-grandparents-getting-involved

Why Advisors Use FT529

Franklin Templeton’s 529 plan continues to be my “go-to” plan for all of my clients!

Delivering Active Investment Management

An in-depth look at the strategic and tactical asset allocation investment process.

Make Franklin Templeton Your 529 of Choice: Look no further—we can help!

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Providing Value to Your Clients

  • Three Things You Need to Know
  • No enrollment or maintenance fees
  • NAV rollover feature (check with your firm policy)
  • 25 bps program management fee
  • Competitive A share annual asset management fees that range from 0.08% - 1.47%
  • A and C share classes available