Re-Think Social Security

Social Security isn’t just a government program; it can be an important component of your client’s retirement income plan. One of the deciding factors is the age at which they start taking benefits, as it directly — and permanently — affects the amount of their monthly benefits check. With your help they can change the way they view their social security benefits.

To help you develop their benefits claiming strategy use the Social Security Optimizer, a simple tool with a step-by-step guide. It uses certain assumptions to produce benefit estimates that seek to maximize the benefits paid. You can also customize a benefits filing strategy based on data inputs for your client's specific situation and compare it with the maximized strategy.

The Optimizer can also identify the amount of assets needed to help supplement income while delaying Social Security benefits or to replace benefits lost after the death of a souse.

Helping them develop this strategy may also make them more likely to consolidate their retirement assets with you as well as refer their friends and family.

Launch the Social Security Optimizer Tool

This hypothetical example illustrates the impact of the Social Security claiming decision. Filing to begin benefits at the earliest age possible, 62, results in 23% less benefit than waiting until age 66+6mo, Full Retirement Age (FRA). Delaying until age 70 produces an even higher benefit.


Try allocating Social Security benefits to the fixed income portion of a client’s asset allocation and allow for other assets to be invested in growth-oriented strategies. This approach could provide the long-term inflation protection clients need for a lengthy retirement.

Total Lifetime Benefits Age 902

Age 62 $742,516

Age 66+ 6mo3 (FRA) $966,917

Age 70 $1,161,521

$419,005 MORE if
you wait until 70

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to help with some of your clients’ concerns.