Franklin Systematic


Continued support for asset returns

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Our Approach

We are dedicated to the delivery of outcomes based on a client’s objectives and constraints. Within that framework we believe:

  • Any quantitative solution must be grounded in a fundamental economic rationale and validated with quantitative tools.
  • Models must be built with rigor and discipline, remaining vigilant against bias of all kinds. Even the most trusted models must be revalidated periodically.
  • The most practical models are descriptive, robust and scalable across multiple applications and solutions.

Our Solutions

Quantitative Research

  • Capital Market Expectations
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Factor research
  • Portfolio construction research

Overlay Strategies

  • Volatility management

Sample Strategies

  • Inflation protection
  • Custom index for fixed index annuity

Risk Premia Strategies

  • Multi-factor custom weighted strategies based on Value Carry and Momentum

Sample Strategies

  • Global Premia
  • Negative Correlation
  • Alternative Yield

Smart Beta Strategies

  • Single or multi-factor strategies based on Quality, Value, Momentum and Volatility

Sample Strategies

  • Custom multi-factor portfolio solutions

Investment Professionals

Franklin Systematic is the quantitative hub of Franklin Templeton Multi-Asset Solutions — a team of highly specialized analysts dedicated to the pursuit of new sources of return, strategic diversification and calibrated volatility management —allowing us to apply the highest level of innovation in our client portfolio solutions.