Templeton Global Macro

Templeton Global Macro has been a pioneer in unconstrained global fixed income investing for almost three decades, beginning with the launch of its flagship Templeton Global Bond Fund in 1986.


The team employs a bottom-up, research-driven investment process that combines qualitative, country-by-country macroeconomic analysis with quantitative tools, and aims to pinpoint the most attractive investment opportunities across yield curves (interest rates), currencies, and sovereign credit.

The investment process leverages the broad capabilities and deep resources of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income, which has managed multi-and single-sector fixed income portfolios since 1970. The Templeton Global Macro group also draws on the local knowledge and investment expertise of Local Asset Management colleagues in markets around the world. The process incorporates regular feedback among team members, traders, risk specialists, and performance analysts.

Templeton Global Macro Snapshot:
Established 1986
Style Global Unconstrained Fixed Income
Capabilities Unconstrained Fixed Income, Currency, Global Macro
  • Well-established and proven investment philosophy and process
  • Flexibility to express positive or negative views on global currencies and duration
  • Global investment platform spanning the Americas, Europe and Asia allows for specialized expertise and a truly global perspective