Templeton Private Equity Partners


Templeton Private Equity Partners (TPEP) is a leading manager in emerging markets private equity investment, well positioned to forge long-term partnerships with companies seeking growth capital. This allows the companies that we invest in to reshape their businesses and fuels expansion, both locally and overseas.

Experience and expertise are vital in navigating the complicated terrain of emerging markets private equity investment. With our extensive on-the-ground presence, our team has made significant minority, structured investments in various countries and sectors. Since 2000, we have provided private funding of over US$610 million to more than 50 companies across emerging markets1 (as of December 2016).

The TPEP team members have an average of 25 years' industry experience, together with a tenure of 17 years with Franklin Templeton Investments (as of December 2016).

Templeton Private Equity Partners


  • On-the-ground presence
  • Proprietary research
  • Third-party support services
  • Provide insights and opens the door for investee companies