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Title and DescriptionLiterature CodeML Control NumberExpiration DateType
10 Things You Should Know About Health Savings Accounts RDCIO FLHSA 19-004046 07/01/2020 Client Fact Sheet
2020 Vision: The Case for Equities 2020 PPT 19-000961 05/26/2020 Client Seminar
89 Years of Bulls and Bears THEME BE 19-004032 07/01/2020 Client Fact Sheet
A Tale of Two Decades GOF EFL 19-000841 05/15/2020 Client Fact Sheet 
Emotions, Expectations and Economics EEE SEM 19-004206 07/22/2020 Client Seminar
Five Forgotten Truths About Value Investing VALUE FL 19-004030 07/01/2020 Client Fact Sheet
Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies Fund Investor Guide 010 INV 19-004333 08/09/2020 Client Fact Sheet
Franklin Tax-Free Income Funds: Invest with a Tax-Free Leader TF BLDR 19-004364 08/15/2020 Client Fact Sheet
Global The New Core GNC PPT 19-004034 07/01/2020 Client Seminar
Investing in Innovation - Franklin DynaTech Fund FDTF BR 18-006753 08/09/2020 Client Fact Sheet
Rising Rates: What You Need to Know RR PPT 19-004234 07/25/2020 Client Seminar
Securing Social Security: Today, Tomorrow & for the Future RSS CUPPT 20-000155 01/30/2021 Client Seminar
Take Control of Your Financial Future: Five Things Every Woman Should Know About Investing WI5 PPT 19-004035 07/01/2020 Client Seminar
Take a Balanced Approach TS XFL5F 19-004031 07/01/2020 Client Fact Sheet
The Home Stretch: Seven Things You Need to Do in the Decade Before You Retire HS PPT 19-001031 06/10/2020 Client Seminar
What Franklin Templeton Thinks... FTTK PPT 19-000857 05/15/2020 Client Seminar
Why Diversify? Because Winners Rotate . ALLOC FL 19-004204 07/22/2020 Client Fact Sheet
Why Should I Invest in the Stock Market Now? IBS SIDFL 19-000699 04/22/2020 Client Fact Sheet 
Title and DescriptionLiterature CodeML Control NumberExpiration DateType
Mastering First Impressions: Understanding What the Client Sees in You MFIMP PPT 19-000782 04/30/2020 Seminar
Social Security: Key Concepts & Sophisticated Strategies to Help Maximize Benefits RSS FAPPT 19-004237 07/25/2020 Seminar
The Psychology of Referrals: What the Client Sees When Asked for a Referral POR PPT 19-004385 08/15/2020 Seminar
The Psychology of Referrals: Checklist POR LIST 19-004409 08/20/2020 Fact Sheet
Title and DescriptionLiterature CodeML Control NumberExpiration DateType
Don't Fear Volatility. Manage It.  FLQLV FL 19-000869 05/15/2020 Product Profile
Dorsey Wright's Franklin LibertyShares International Model ETFDW INTFL 19-000640 04/09/2020 Product Profile
ETF Intraday Block Trading  ETF ITF 19-000768 04/30/2020 Fact Sheet
ETF NAV (Basket) Trading  ETF BTF 19-000766 04/30/2020 Fact Sheet
Factor Methodology with an Eye Toward Quality  ETFSB FL 19-000568 03/25/2020 Product Profile
Global: The New Core GNC B 19-004033 07/01/2020 Fact Sheet
Have US Equity Markets Met Their Match? FLQE FL 19-000764 04/30/2020 Product Profile
Income Opportunities for Uncertain Rate Environments  FTSD FL 18-006651 07/25/2020 Product Profile
Merrill Lynch Platforms Flyer FSML FLPL 19-000759 04/30/2020 Fact Sheet
Pursue Better Outcomes FLQD FL 19-000552 03/25/2020 Product Profile
Pursue Better Outcomes in Core U.S. Equity  FLQL FL 19-000494 03/18/2020 Product Profile
The Case for Growth: Insights into Innovation Investing  DT WP 19-000832 05/05/2020 Fact Sheet
The Evolution of a New ETF: Franklin FTSE Japan ETF FLJP FLCS 19-000767 04/30/2020 Product Profile
The Total Cost of Owning an ETF ETF TCO 19-000765 04/30/2020 Fact Sheet 
Value Stock Indexes Haven't Always Lived Up to Expectations  CHMQ FL 19-000870 05/15/2020 Product Profile
What Franklin Templeton Thinks... FT THINK 19-004139 07/12/2020 Fact Sheet