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Title and DescriptionLiterature CodeML Control NumberExpiration DateType
Beneficiary Audit Worksheet (Short Version) TAPX011115 20-002471 07/01/21 Worksheet
Don’t Take Your Plan for Granted RETX016255 21-002148 04/15/22 Brochure
How to Be a SHARP Senior SHARP PPT 20-004020 07/09/21 Presentation
HSA: The Powerful Financial Tool that Can Help You Save Now and For the Future RDCIO_PPHS 20-3289780 10/23/21 Presentation
HSA: The Intersection of Retirement and Consumers-Driven Healthcare RDCIO_PPHSA 20-3288887 10/20/21 Presentation
Investing in Innovation - Franklin DynaTech Fund FDTF BR 20-006381 11/13/21 Brochure
Keeping More of What you Earn MUNIS PPT 21-003044 05/20/22 Presentation
Retirement Plan Governance: Understanding the Role of a Benefit Plan Committee URBPC WP 21-003192 06/03/22 Whitepaper
Securing Social Security: Today, Tomorrow & for the Future RSS CUPPT 21-002171 04/15/22 Presentation
Social Security Options for Spouses, Widows and Ex-Spouses RSS FLO 21-002168 04/15/22 Flyer
Social Security: Questions and Answers RSS FLQA 21-002100 04/13/22 Flyer
Squeeze 6 years of gifting into 2 months SCHX016034 MAP3373241 12/18/21 Brochure
Tax Wise: The Power of Tax Deferred Investing LMFX015422 20-005493 10/28/21 Brochure
The Future is Now TFIN PPT ML20-004367 08/24/21 Presentation
The Home Stretch: Workbook HS WBOOK 20-006288 11/04/21 Workbook
The Rewards of Long-Term Investing RLTI FL 21-001919 04/02/22 Flyer
Uncharted Waters- Navigating the Path to Recovery Presentation UNCH2_PPT 21-001300 03/08/22 Presentation
What Our Managers Think FT THINK 21-002488 05/04/22 Flyer
Title and DescriptionLiterature CodeML Control NumberExpiration DateType
Mastering First Impressions: check list MFIMP LIST 20-003997 07/07/21 Flyer
Mastering First Impressions: Understanding What the Client Sees in You MFIMP PPT 21-000344 01/26/22 Presentation
The 529 Cheat Sheet SCHX587664 MAP3184415 07/31/21 Brochure
The Psychology of Referrals: What the Client Sees When Asked for a Referral POR PPT 20-004437 09/09/21 Presentation
The Psychology of Referrals: Checklist POR LIST 20-004438 09/09/21 Fact Sheet
What Our Managers Think FT THINK 04/21 21-002488 05/04/22 Flyer
Title and DescriptionLiterature CodeML Control NumberExpiration DateType
2021 Capital Market Expectations: Continued Support for Asset Returns CMEUS 4Q20 20-008460 12/21/21 Flyer
2021 Outlook: Vulnerability and Resiliency Through Upheaval GIOA4 4Q20 21-000027 01/06/22 Brochure
All-Star Lineup: 4/5 Star Rated Mutual Funds GOF FLMS 20-008444 12/18/21 Flyer
Capabilities Guide WA:Core Fixed Income: Bonds for Ballast and Total Return WASX604219 20-004362 08/24/21 Brochure
Disruptive Commerce: Upending Ecosystems and Unlocking Innovation DISCO_UQ121 21-001180 03/02/22 Topic Paper
Fiduciary Prudence and Investments: Historical Track Record RETX469911 3167416 10/12/21 Whitepaper
Investing in Innovation: Franklin Dynatech Fund DTECH-FL 20-006382 11/13/21 Flyer
Lessons in Growth Investing - The Cost of Timing the Market (The Folly of Market Timing) LMFX016332 20-006153 10/14/21 Brochure
Martin Currie: Global Emerging Markets Strategy Guide GEM SG ML21-000045 01/06/22 Brochure
Merrill Availability Guide FSML FLAG 21-000202 01/18/22 Platform Flyer
Pave the Way with Munis LMFX014475 20-005393 10/14/21 Multi-Fund Guide
Q&A: Multi-Sector Bond Strategies WDI WP2 21-003039 05/25/22 Whitepaper
Quick Thoughts: The opportunities in innovation ECIOU_2Q21H 21-003075 05/26/22 Topic Paper
Quick Thoughts – why our managers disagree on inflation, rates and growth ECIOU_2Q21E 21-002430 05/03/22 Topic Paper
Quick thoughts: Munis can offer more than infrastructure, tax benefits, and yields ECIOU_1Q21C 21-001812 03/29/22 Topic Paper
State and Local Governments Get Shot of Stimulus MUSTI_U2Q21 21-002375 04/28/22 Topic Paper
Understanding Closed-End Funds UCEF B 21-002778 05/14/22 Brochure
Western Asset Core Bond Fund Snapshot SNAX556953 20-005553 11/05/21 Snapshot
Western Asset Core Plus Bond Fund Snapshot SNAX556916 20-005554 11/05/21 Snapshot