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Sir John Templeton Quote Poster

Literature Code: SIRJT-POS

Format: PDF (1.5MB)

Publication Date: 01/13 Next Update: 02/16
Maximum  5

Straight Talk on Templeton Global Bond Flyer

Literature Code: 406-XFLST

Format: PDF (837k)

Publication Date: 11/15 Next Update: 03/16
Maximum  5

Templeton BRIC Fund Investment Solutions Flyer

Literature Code: 405-INVFL

Format: PDF (390k)


Templeton Developing Markets Trust - Product Profile

Literature Code: 711-PP

Format: PDF (627k)

Publication Date: 09/15 Next Update: 12/15
Maximum  5

Templeton Developing Markets Trust Story Sheet

Literature Code: 711-FLSS

Format: PDF (189k)

Publication Date: 07/15 Next Update: 10/15

Piece must be accompanied by the Quarterly Performance Update, which includes standardized returns, sales charges and expenses.

Maximum  5

Templeton Foreign Fund Investor's Guide

Literature Code: 104-XINV

Format: PDF (399k)

Publication Date: 11/15 Next Update: 02/16
Maximum  5

Templeton Frontier Markets Fund (Advisor Class) - Product Profile

Literature Code: 674-PP

Format: PDF (619k)

Publication Date: 09/15 Next Update: 12/15
Maximum  5

The Lost Decade Five Years Later

Literature Code: GOF-EFL

Format: PDF (216k)

Publication Date: 10/15 Next Update: 07/16
Maximum  5

Topic Paper: Borrow Wisely - The Role of Student Debt

Literature Code: 529-WPDEB

Format: PDF (571k)

Publication Date: 02/15 Next Update: 05/16
Maximum  5

Uncover Five Hidden Risks That Could Impact Your Investments flyer

Literature Code: RISK-FL

Format: PDF (349k)


Understanding Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) Flyer

Literature Code: TIPS-FL

Format: PDF (124k)

Publication Date: 09/14 Next Update: 09/16
Maximum  5

Why Diversify? Because Winners Rotate Flyer

Literature Code: ALLOC-FL

Format: PDF (125k)

Publication Date: 04/15 Next Update: 03/16
Maximum  5

Why Should I Invest in the Stock Market Now? Brochure

Literature Code: IBS-SIDFL

Format: PDF (337k)

Publication Date: 02/15 Next Update: 02/16
Maximum  5

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