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403(b) Information Sharing Agreement

Literature Code: R403B-ISA

Format: PDF (563k)

Publication Date: 06/15 Next Update: 06/16
Hardcopy Unavailable

403(b) Plan Distribution Request Form

Literature Code: R403B-FDIST

Format: PDF (667k)

Publication Date: 02/15 Next Update: 02/16
Maximum  5

403(b) Workbook and Forms Booklet

Literature Code: R403B-XF

Format: PDF (405k)

Publication Date: 07/15 Next Update: 10/15
Maximum  5

408(b)(2) Disclosure Document

Literature Code: RRET-FL408

Format: PDF (223k)

Publication Date: 06/15 Next Update: 06/16
Hardcopy Unavailable

Beneficiary Distribution Request Form

Literature Code: RRET-FBDST

Format: PDF (234k)

Publication Date: 07/14 Next Update: 10/15
Maximum  5

Business Retirement Plan Distribution Request

Literature Code: BRP-FDIST

Format: PDF (349k)

Publication Date: 01/14 Next Update: 01/16
Hardcopy Unavailable

FT Non-ERISA Covered 403(b) Plan Application

Literature Code: R403B-APPNE

Format: PDF (218k)

Publication Date: 07/14 Next Update: 10/15
Hardcopy Unavailable

Franklin LifeSmart Retirement Target Funds Investor's Guide

Literature Code: RTF-XINV

Format: PDF (246k)

Publication Date: 09/15 Next Update: 03/16
Maximum  5

Guide to Planning for Retirement Brochure

Literature Code: IBS-GRET

Format: PDF (359k)

Publication Date: 07/14 Next Update: 08/15
Maximum  5

IRA Application

Literature Code: RIRA-APP

Format: PDF (617k)

Publication Date: 09/15 Next Update: 09/15
Maximum  5

IRA Disclosure Statement(s) Booklet (includes Traditional, Roth, SIMPLE IRA)

Literature Code: RIRA-DSBK

Format: PDF (210k)

Publication Date: 12/14 Next Update: 12/15
Maximum  5

IRA Distribution Request Form

Literature Code: RIRA-FDIST

Format: PDF (173k)

Publication Date: 08/14 Next Update: 10/15
Maximum  5

IRA Forms Booklet

Literature Code: RIRA-XF

Format: PDF (1MB)

Publication Date: 08/15 Next Update: 02/16
Maximum  5

IRA Investor's Guide Brochure

Literature Code: RIRA-B

Format: PDF (242k)

Publication Date: 06/15 Next Update: 06/16
Maximum  5

IRA Recharacterization Request

Literature Code: RIRA-FRECR

Format: PDF (79k)

Publication Date: 11/14
Hardcopy Unavailable

IRA Rollover Form

Literature Code: RIRA-FTR

Format: PDF (331k)

Publication Date: 09/15 Next Update: 05/16
Maximum  5

Income for What's Next Worksheet (Writable PDF)

Literature Code: RTSI-WS

Format: PDF (571k)

Publication Date: 04/15 Next Update: 04/16
Maximum  5

Income for Whats Next Personal Assessment (Writable PDF)

Literature Code: RTSI-PA

Format: PDF (579k)

Publication Date: 03/15 Next Update: 03/16
Maximum  5

Income for Whats Next Starter Kit (Order Only)

Literature Code: RTSI-SKPAK

Format: PDF (704k)

Maximum  5

Investment-Only Business Retirement Plan Account Application

Literature Code: BRP-APP

Format: PDF (1.1MB)

Publication Date: 09/15 Next Update: 11/15
Hardcopy Unavailable

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