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Templeton Growth Fund Investor Guide (60 Great Years)

A brochure emphasizing the Templeton Growth Fund's strategy, benefits and results.

Literature Code: 101-XINV

Format: PDF (1.6MB)

Publication Date: 06/15 Next Update: 02/16

Piece must be accompanied by the Quarterly Performance Update, which includes standardized returns, sales charges and expenses.


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  • Templeton Growth Fund Summary Prospectus
Templeton Growth Fund Let's Suppose Flyer

Templeton Growth Fund Let's Suppose Flyer

A fold-out brochure illustrating how continuous investments may add up over time. More

Templeton Growth Fund "Imagine" Flyer

Templeton Growth Fund "Imagine" Flyer

A fold-out brochure illustrating a hypothetical withdrawal plan and its outcome over time. More

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