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2020 Vision

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3. Innovation Will Surprise Us... Again

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The world is changing at a rapid pace, and many visionary companies are at the forefront of those changes. What follows are just a few examples of changes that may transform our lives in the next decade and present equity investors with new growth opportunities.

Can You Imagine What's Next?

Green Energy
Hybrid cars and green energy such as solar and wind power are already gaining momentum in the marketplace.
Imagine houses that will be completely energy independent, with solar power collection built into the roof tiles.

This field has already produced scratch-resistant paint, stain-repellent fabrics, lighter yet stronger tennis rackets and golf balls that naturally fly straighter.
Imagine a shirt that can change color as easily as you change a radio station. Imagine a fabric as thin as silk but strong enough to stop a bullet.

Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine
Drugs and surgery have historically been the options available for treating disease and chronic medical conditions.
Imagine if "bad" genes could simply be "switched off" to cure or prevent disease. Imagine using your body's own cells to regenerate a new liver or pancreas that's free of disease.

Cloud Computing
Computers currently thought of simply as hardware—laptops and desktops—are now leveraging online applications located remotely.
Imagine purchasing additional computing power and software on an "as needed" basis just like you purchase electricity.

Robotics already assemble automobiles and fly military missions. There's even a robot arm so agile it can catch a baseball thrown at 186 mph.
Imagine injecting a robot the size of a blood cell into the body to perform surgery. Post-operative recovery time in hospitals could be dramatically reduced by this less-invasive procedure.

Throughout time, innovations have propelled businesses forward. Whether the innovation was a technological advancement (Is your smartphone within arm’s reach?), a new business model (What’s in your movie queue?), a medical discovery (Heard of human genome sequencing? It's now completed in less than two hours.), or some other transformational change (Did you update your Facebook status today?), new ideas are at the very heart of the equity markets.

Tunes Over Time

For example, look at the changes in music technology over the last 40 years. From records to 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs and now digital downloads, there has been tremendous change in how we listen to music over the years. And innovation will undoubtedly continue.

The Beat Goes OnUnits Shipped in Millions 1973-2012

Growth in Innovation – Units Shipped
Source: Recording Industry Association of America, as of December 2012. Digital includes downloaded singles, downloaded albums, kiosks and downloaded music videos. Total vinyl records, tapes and CDs include singles and albums.

The Bottom Line

  • While it's impossible to predict all of the change and innovations to come, there's no question that innovations will occur.
  • Investing in the stock of visionary companies can be a way to capitalize on the inevitable innovations of the next decade and beyond.
  • Speak to a financial advisor for help identifying ways you can invest to benefit from innovation.

Another reason to be an equity investor: Quality Companies Are Not Short-Sighted

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