Understanding Account Statements


You will receive a Quarterly Asset Summary Statement every quarter. This statement combines all Franklin Templeton accounts with the same Social Security number and address into one convenient account statement.

How to read your quarterly asset summary statement

You’ll receive an Asset Summary Statement quarterly in January, April, July and October, summarizing all your transactions since the beginning of the year.

The January statement serves as your year-end statement for the prior year and should be kept as record of your account transactions for that year. Quarterly Asset Summary Statements are available online by logging into your account and clicking the “Statements & Tax Documents” link under the “Transactions” drop-down menu.

Shareholders with the same address can consolidate accounts into one statement package regardless of the Social Security number listed on the accounts. Additionally, any registered owner on the account can opt out of receiving consolidated statements. Please contact us for more details.


When you purchase, exchange, transfer and/or sell shares, you’ll receive a confirmation statement. However, money fund transactions and transactions occurring on a regular basis, such as reinvestment of dividends, automatic investments, systematic withdrawals or similar recurring automatic transactions, will not generate a confirmation statement.