Using Personal Financial Software


Quicken users have the ability to download 18 months of transaction history. Upon sign-in, look for the Transactions menu and select Download Transactions.

You can automatically import your fund account transactions into Quicken personal financial software.

Transaction descriptors have been expanded to provide a more consistent and accurate labeling of information.


You can also automatically import your 1099–DIV, 1099–B and 1099–R forms into your TurboTax®–assisted tax return.1

  1. You’ll need to provide your ID and password when using these services.2
  2. Don’t have an ID and password? Register now.

For questions about setting up the import process, check the support section on TurboTax.

After you import tax form information to your TurboTax return, carefully review and compare all items on your TurboTax return against the information you received on the tax forms that were mailed to you. You must ensure that all entries on those forms are correct and accounted for based on your individual tax situation. Please note that Franklin Templeton cannot provide technical assistance for TurboTax Online products. Refer to TurboTax for more information.