Obtaining a Signature Guarantee

Please contact our Customer Service department at (800) 632-2301 to confirm whether a signature guarantee is required for your specific request.

You can obtain a signature guarantee from a bank, savings and loan association, trust company, credit union, Broker/Dealer or any other “eligible guarantor institution” as defined under the rules adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission. These institutions often participate in signature guarantee medallion programs such as the Securities Transfer Agent Medallion Program (STAMP). Most institutions will only provide a guarantee to their clients.

A person who guarantees the signature of the originator of an instruction warrants that at the time of signing:

  • The signature was genuine,
  • The signer was an appropriate person to originate the instruction, and
  • The signer had legal capacity to sign.

A signature guarantee provides financial backing that a signature is authentic.

Is a notary acceptable in place of a signature guarantee?

No, because a notary does not guarantee the authenticity of the signature. A notarization is simply a seal that is placed on a document that has been sworn or acknowledged by the signer. It does not have financial backing like a signature guarantee.

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