A new alternative for today's investor

Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies Fund

Given the unpredictability of today's financial markets, many investors are looking to reduce the impact of market volatility on their portfolios. Hedge fund strategies - a type of alternative investment strategy - may help by offering additional diversification, new sources of return and the potential for reduced risk.

Hedge Strategies Have Historically Offered Long-Term Equity-Like Returns with Less Risk

Risk vs. Return Comparison (20-Year Period Ending September 30, 2017)1

Growth of a $10,000 Investment (20 Years Ending September 30, 2017)2

Why Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies Fund?

  • Access to the potential benefits of hedge strategies in a familiar and convenient mutual fund.
  • K2 Advisors (K2) has 20 years of experience focused solely on hedge fund investing.
  • K2 is an industry pioneer in risk transparency.
  • The fund's tactical flexibility to allocate, diversify, and rebalance assets across four proven hedge strategies.3



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