Franklin Municipal Green Bond Fund

Fund Description

The fund seeks to maximize income exempt from federal income taxes to the extent consistent with prudent investing and the preservation of shareholders' capital, by investing predominantly in municipal green bonds issued by municipalities that intend to use bond proceeds for projects and programs that promote environmental sustainability.

Strategy Statement

"As one of the largest municipal bond fund managers in the nation, we conduct in-depth research across the entire municipal bond landscape to identify the most attractive municipal green bond opportunities for our portfolios."

Daniel Workman, CFA®


Daniel Workman, CFA

Daniel Workman, CFA®

  • Joined Franklin Templeton in 2003
  • Managed Fund Since 2019
Benjamin C. Barber, CFA

Benjamin C. Barber, CFA®

  • Joined Franklin Templeton in 1991
  • Managed Fund Since 2021

Strategy, Benefits, Results


  • We believe an active, research-driven approach is critical, given
    the size of the municipal market
  • Our team seeks to identify and capture attractive value
    opportunities across the municipal bond landscape to deliver a tax-
    efficient portfolio
  • We place an emphasis on risk management, which is fully
    incorporated into our research and portfolio construction process


  • Monthly income exempt from federal taxes1
  • Access to a diversified portfolio fo municipal green bonds
  • Tenured investment team with expertise across market cycles

Investing In The Fund

What Are the Risks?

  • All investments involve risks, including possible loss of principal.
  • Because municipal bonds are sensitive to interest rate movements, the fund’s yield and share price will fluctuate with market conditions.
  • Bond prices generally move in the opposite direction of interest rates. Thus, as prices of bonds in the fund adjust to a rise in interest rates, the fund’s share price may decline.
  • Changes in the credit rating of a bond, or in the credit rating or financial strength of a bond’s issuer, insurer or guarantor, may affect the bond’s value.
  • Some sectors might be more likely to issue green bonds, and events or factors impacting these sectors may have a greater effect on, and may more adversely affect, the fund than they would a fund that does not invest in issuers with a common purpose. In addition, green bonds selected by the investment manager may not result in direct environmental benefits.
  • Green bonds may not result in direct environmental benefits and the issuer may not use proceeds as intended or to appropriate new or additional projects.
  • The fund may invest a significant part of its assets in municipal securities that finance similar types of projects, such as utilities, hospitals, higher education and transportation. A change that affects one project would likely affect all similar projects, thereby increasing market risk. mpacts on sectors more likely to issue green bonds may have a greater adverse effect on the fund because the fund focuses investments in green bonds.
  • These and other risk considerations are discussed in the fund’s prospectus.

Minimum Investment

See Prospectus

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