Separately Managed Accounts


SMAs – Custom Solutions for Investors

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) offer a tailored approach to investing that takes into account the unique needs of each investor. Each individual portfolio is overseen by a professional manager.

Investing through an SMA Increases Financial Flexibility
With an SMA, the individual investor directly owns the stocks, bonds and other securities in the portfolio. SMAs:

  • Provide access to a comprehensive range of options, where the investor can pursue a diversified investment strategy – while benefiting from the ability to manage tax implications and liquidity.
  • Allow investors to place limits on gains or losses as well as impose investment restrictions.

Investors Appreciate the Control that Comes with an SMA
An SMA may be an attractive solution for an investor who wants the ability to influence how their money is invested while still realizing the advantages of professional management. A financial advisor can guide clients in choosing the right manager to create a personalized portfolio.

  • Investment Minimum: $100,000-$250,000
  • Funding: May be funded with existing securities and/or cash

Investors can partner with Franklin Templeton to choose from a broad range of customized investment strategies to build a portfolio suited to their individual needs.


Personal Portfolio Management
Portfolios are designed to accommodate a client’s unique investment goals, including the opportunity to set parameters that reflect their moral and ethical values.

Enhanced Tax-Efficiency
Each security purchased can be used to establish a separate cost basis, a potentially advantageous strategy for minimizing tax liabilities or in gifting situations.

Investment Flows
Managed accounts eliminate the impact that the purchases and sales of other shareholders may have on funds (e.g., being forced to sell securities in declining markets).

Full Transparency
Investors can receive regular customized reports. All performance data includes full list of current holdings, as well as capital contributions and withdrawals.


Since 1947, Franklin Templeton has been dedicated to delivering exceptional asset management for clients. Our firm offers specialized expertise across different asset classes and styles, managed by our world-class investment teams. As part of one single firm, these teams are supported by the strength and resources of one of the world’s largest asset managers.

A Trusted Partner
We manage more than $700 billion in assets around the world, resulting from our more than 70-year track record of helping investors achieve their financial goals.1


Our independent teams with distinct investment styles and philosophies are backed by exceptional research — and supported by a global platform that includes active risk management and rigorous compliance.


We leverage the firsthand research and insights of more than 600 investment professionals around the world to give investors access to global opportunities others might miss.2


We offer clients the strength and experience gained from decades of active management — and an enduring commitment to reliable, personalized service.


Fixed Income
NameDescriptionPortfolio ProfileStrategy Commentary
Municipal Fixed Income
Franklin Intermediate Municipal SMA Invest in current coupon bonds with the goal of producing the highest possible tax-free income, coupled with preservation of capital. pdfpdf pdfpdf
Franklin Limited Maturity Municipal SMA This portfolio is available as a restriction to the FPA Intermediate Municipal Fixed Income portfolio for accounts meeting a $500,000 investment minimum. National, California or New York portfolios are available. pdfpdf pdfpdf
Franklin Municipal Green Bond SMA Investing in municipal bonds whose proceeds are used to support various green projects. The strategy seeks to deliver a high level of income exempt from federal taxes, allocating capital in a way to promote environmental sustainability. pdfpdf N/A
Franklin Multi Strategy Municipal SMA A hybrid portfolio comprised of 60% in individual intermediate-term municipal bonds and 40% in a high yield, tax-free pooled investment vehicle. pdfpdf pdfpdf
Taxable Fixed Income
Franklin Intermediate Fixed Income SMA Invest in U.S. government bonds, U.S. agency securities and corporate bonds, with the objectives of producing a high level of current income and generating total return opportunities. pdfpdf pdfpdf
Franklin Intermediate Investment Grade Credit SMA Investing in high quality bonds, seeking to take advantage of relative valuation differences between sectors, issuers and individual bond issues, with the objective of producing a high level of current income and generating total return opportunities. pdfpdf N/A
NameDescriptionPortfolio ProfileStrategy Commentary
US Equity
Franklin Rising Dividends SMA The portfolio seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing at least 80% of its net assets in companies of any size that have paid consistently rising dividends. pdfpdf N/A
Franklin Small Cap Growth SMA The portfolio seeks long-term capital growth by investing at least 80% of its net assets in the equity securities of companies with market capitalizations of generally less than $1.5 billion, or the highest market capitalization in the Russell 2000 Index, whichever is greater, at the time of purchase. pdfpdf pdfpdf
Franklin DynaTech SMA Investing primarily in companies which management believes are leaders in innovation, take advantage of new technologies, have superior management, and benefit from new industry conditions in the dynamically changing global economy. pdfpdf pdfpdf
Franklin Growth Opportunities SMA Investing predominantly in equity securities of companies demonstrating accelerating growth, increasing profitability, or above average growth or growth potential as compared with the overall economy. N/A N/A
Global/International Equity
Templeton Global ADR Equity SMA Approximately 70 to 100 international and U.S. equities of companies across all capitalization levels, with emerging markets exposure. A developed markets ex-U.S. equity strategy, which excludes emerging market countries, is also available. pdfpdf N/A
Templeton International ADR Equity SMA Approximately 70 to 100 international equities of companies across all capitalization levels, with emerging markets exposure. A developed markets ex-U.S. equity strategy, which excludes emerging market countries, is also available. pdfpdf N/A
Templeton World Balanced SMA Approximately 65% international equities and 35% U.S. government bonds, U.S. agency securities and corporate bonds with the goal of providing long-term capital appreciation and consistent rates of return. pdfpdf N/A
NameDescriptionPortfolio ProfileStrategy Commentary
Franklin Income SMA Seeks to maximize income, while maintaining prospects for capital appreciation, by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. N/A N/A



Municipal Bond Separately Managed Accounts
This brochure presents Franklin’s municipal bond separately managed account capabilities, as well as the benefits of professional municipal bond management. Highlights the Franklin Intermediate Municipal SMA strategy.


Institutional Execution for the Individual Investor
One of the many benefits of separate account management for municipal bonds is avoiding costly mark-ups by using the institutional execution of an investment manager.



Green Bonds: Munis for Environmentally-Conscious Investors
At Franklin, our independent process for evaluating green bonds gauges the credibility of a green bond to ensure it is aligned with the mission of investing in projects dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability.


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