Non-Traditional 529 Uses

Did you know? 529 plans have many uses. So don’t worry if plans have changed, if your child doesn’t want to attend a traditional 4-year college, or if you want to consider other ways to use your savings. 529 savings plans are even more appealing when you realize you have options.

Community College

Is your child not interested in a traditional 4-year college? 529s can be used for 2-year programs.

International Schools

You don’t have to choose a school in the United States. There are a wide range of accredited institutions abroad. (Select “Foreign Country” in the State pull down menu of the tool.)


Up to $10,000 per year per beneficiary can be used for tuition at eligible public, private and religious K-12 schools.1

Save for Grandchildren

Did your child choose not to pursue college? Or do you have leftover savings? Continue to invest in your 529 plan and save it for your grandchildren.

Use for Yourself

Do you want to pursue a new career? Get an advanced degree? Finish education you had to pause years ago? You own the plan – you can use your savings for your own education.

Change Beneficiaries

The beneficiary can be changed to a member of the immediate or extended family (including siblings, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins and more.)

Trade Schools

Trade schools are another education option – it doesn’t have to be a traditional 4-year college.


Certified apprenticeships qualify as an education option. Check out this list of certified programs.

Repay Student Loans

Amounts paid as principal or interest on certain existing loans of the Beneficiary or their sibling, subject to various limits including annual limits, can constitute qualified distributions.1

Next Steps

Change Beneficiary

Complete and submit the Account Revision Form.

Research Apprenticeship Programs

View list of certified programs.

Learn About Student Loans

Visit Federal Student Aid website.