What is Spryng?

An exclusive crowdfunding tool for Franklin Templeton 529 College Savings Plan account owners.

Make saving for college easier with Spryng.

As of 5/15/2020



Spryng profiles created



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in savings goals established with Spryng

How does Spryng work?

Two minutes to set up. A lifetime of benefits.


Step 1: Create

Create a Spryng profile by entering information about your beneficiary.


Step 2: Publish

After the Spryng profile is complete, publish the page.


Step 3: Share

Once published, share the Spryng profile with friends and family.

What can Spryng be used for?

Create Multiple, Event-Specific, Fundraising Goals.

With thousands of Spryng profiles created, people have found many opportunities to use their Spryng profile. And now Spryng allows you to create multiple, event-specific, fundraising goals to share with family and friends.

Spryng is perfect for...

No matter the occasion, Spryng can be used to encourage family and friends to give the gift of education.



Everyone loves birthday presents! However, instead of another stuffed animal, video game, or gift card that you forget to use, wouldn’t gifting education be better? Families frequently share their child’s Spryng profile as an easy way for family and friends to give the gift of education.



Kids graduate several times before college – preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends will all be more than happy to contribute to education savings especially at a time when they are commemorating a school achievement. Why not celebrate by encouraging more education?



“I don’t know what to get?!” or “What does Molly want this year?” Over the holidays, these are common sayings. With Spryng, you have an answer. By setting up a Spryng profile, it is easy for family members to give something that will last a lifetime – the gift of education.


As a Helping Hand

Many of us have friends or family who have experienced tough times. With the weight of overcoming these challenges, picking up the pieces and getting back on their feet, saving for education is not their first thought. Spryng has been used by families, friends and communities to help others save for college during challenging times.