What are Equity Funds?

An equity fund is a fund that invests primarily in stocks. The objective of an equity fund is generally to seek long-term capital appreciation and/or income from stocks. These funds may focus on certain sectors of the market or may have a specific investment style, such as investing in value or growth stocks.

Our Approach to Equity Funds

Active asset management provides potential for outperformance and risk diversification relative to the broad market. For decades, investors have turned to us for our specialized investment expertise and extensive infrastructural support, seeking to maximize their investments.

Commitment to Active ManagementDecades of Specialized ExpertiseGlobal Integrated Platform
Our belief in the value of active management has consistently guided our investment decisions and differentiates us from passive investors. Our seasoned teams, each providing differentiated style and perspective, build portfolios based on proprietary methodologies. The around-the-clock support of our global investment platform allows our investment teams to focus on research and portfolio management.

Our extensive equity investment capabilities include:

Value GARP* Sector
Deep Value Growth Blend
Core Value Convertibles
*Growth At a Reasonable Price

Featured Franklin Templeton Equity Funds

Franklin Rising Dividends Franklin Mutual Global Discovery Franklin Growth
Templeton Foreign Franklin DynaTech

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