Fixed Income Funds

What are Fixed Income Funds?

A fixed income fund is a fund that invests primarily in bonds or other debt securities. Fixed income funds generally seek to pay a distribution on a fixed schedule, though the payment amount is not guaranteed, may vary, and may be zero. Investors may consider this type of fund for its potential for income generation and capital preservation.

Our Approach

We believe global fixed income markets are inefficient. In our view, the best way to seek to exploit these inefficiencies is through a sector-by-sector research-oriented approach, which is integrated globally. We offer investors a wide range of strategies covering benchmark-aware and unconstrained to tailor portfolios that seek to meet a diverse set of client needs.

Emphasize Independent Research
We focus on sectors where we believe our independent research offers the greatest opportunities to add value for our clients.
Utilize Multiple Research Perspectives
We believe fixed income portfolios can best be managed by integrating three perspectives: top-down macro analysis, bottom-up sector analysis and quantitative insights to guide strategy allocations.
Commit to the Long Term
We take a long-term view for all we do, from the people we hire, to the markets we enter, to the solutions we offer and to the investment decisions we make.


Fixed income typically refers to a type of investment under which the borrower or issuer is obliged to make payments of a fixed amount on a fixed schedule.

Investors traditionally equate bonds with fixed income however there are various types of fixed income instruments including preferred securities, treasury bills, certificates of deposit, guaranteed investment certificates, and mortgage backed securities.

In comparison, bond mutual funds invest primarily in individual bonds. Typically they make periodic dividend payments based on the interest paid by the bonds held in the fund.

Our extensive fixed income investment capabilities include:


Bank Loans





Corporate Credit




Seeks current income with capital appreciation and growth of income by investing primarily in government bonds, including government related entities and agencies located anywhere in the world. The fund regularly uses various currency-related and derivative instruments.

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Seeks to provide a high level of current income exempt from federal income taxes.

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Seeks to provide a high level of current income by investing primarily in U.S. and foreign debt securities.

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Seeks to provide a high level of current income by investing primarily in floating rate senior secured loans (floating rate loans) and corporate debt securities.

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Seeks to provide a high level of current income, while providing lower volatility than a fund that invests in fixed-rate securities. Primarily invested in adjustable-rate mortgage securities (ARMS) that are issued or guaranteed by the U.S. government, its agencies or instrumentalities.

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