Franklin Pelagos Commodities Strategy Fund

Asset Mix and Commodities Sector Breakdown are calculated based upon net notional basis. All other portfolio details are calculated based upon market value.

Portfolio Statistics


Total Fund AssetsAs of 03/31/2019 (updated monthly) $167.0 (M)
Net Assets - Advisor ClassAs of 04/30/2019 (updated monthly) $2.8 (M)
Average Duration As of 03/31/2019 (updated monthly) 0.30 Year(s)

Portfolio Details

Asset AllocationAs of 03/31/2019

[name] [value]
Commodities 125.20%
Fixed Income 93.02%
Cash & Cash Equivalents 5.83%

Quality Breakdown As of 03/31/2019

[name] [value]
Investment Grade 100.00%
Investment Grade 100.00%
AAA 100.00%
Below Investment Grade 0.00%
Not Rated 0.00%

Commodities Sector Breakdown As of 03/31/2019

[name] [value]
Energy 32.43%
Agriculture 30.61%
Precious Metals 15.68%
Industrial Metals 15.37%
Livestock 5.91%

Fixed Income Sector Breakdown As of 03/31/2019

[name] [value]
U.S. Treasuries 87.05%
Cash & Cash Equivalents 6.98%
U.S. Agency 5.97%

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