Below are brief descriptions of interactive tools that can help with your clients' financial planning. You can open a tool by clicking its title in the following list.


Calculate the amount you need to invest to meet your retirement needs.

Determine your distribution options for moving your retirement plan savings into a Rollover IRA.

Evaluate which type of IRA will likely provide the greatest amount of income at retirement.

Determine if converting your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA would be beneficial.

Take distributions from your IRA before age 59½ without penalty.

Calculate the required minimum retirement plan distribution amount you must withdraw starting at age 70½.

Calculate required minimum distributions when you're the beneficiary of a retirement plan.


Answer two questions to create a college savings projection that includes an estimation of future college costs.

An in-depth calculator that helps compare projections of future college expenses with potential college funding options including a 529 savings account, grants, and student loans.

Compare the potential value of 529 plan state tax benefits.

Estimate your clients' financial-aid eligibility by answering a series of questions.

Personal Finance

Save enough for a down payment on a house or other major purchase.

Compare the yields on taxable and tax-free income investments.