Finding a Financial Advisor

Finding a Financial Advisor 

Our mutual funds are available through financial advisors because we believe investors can benefit from ongoing professional advice. The expertise of a financial advisor can prove invaluable in helping you define your needs and by recommending investments suitable to your unique financial objectives. 

A Financial Advisor Can Help 

  • Determine your financial goals and risk tolerance 
  • Develop a solid asset allocation plan tailored to your situation 
  • Provide guidance and expertise on tax, retirement, estate and college costs planning 
  • Assess the potential risks and rewards of various investment options 
  • Monitor your investments over time and ensure your asset allocation remains appropriate as your situation changes 
  • Offer objectivity, support and guidance during periods of market volatility, when many investors are tempted to stray from long-term strategies 

If you do not have a financial advisor and need assistance finding one, please call (800) 632-2301 and we can help you locate advisors in your area.

Si usted no cuenta con un asesor financiero y desea recibir ayuda para encontrar uno, por favor llame al (800) 632-2301 y lo ayudaremos a encontrar asesores en su área.