We’ve launched a new and improved website for
Research Analysts that provides a personalized
client experience, more detailed product
information and improved search capabilities.

Personalized Experience

Our new personalized fund tracking system provides a list of all our funds available on your firm’s platform and the ability to select and keep track of funds that you are interested in.

Connecting with our Strategic Relationship Team is just a click away!
Quickly connect with our team via our new contact widget.

Detailed Product Information

You now have access to product details for ETFs, SMAs, and Model Portfolios in addition to Mutual Funds. Attribution data is available for Mutual Funds. Fund commentary is available for Mutual Funds and ETFs, while strategy commentary is available for SMAs.

Insights & Thought Leadership

Our Insights section provides thought leadership around what Franklin Templeton Thinks about recent market influencers, current events and blogs from our top investment minds.

Updated Site Search Capabilities

Your favorite content and investment professionals are right at your fingertips with our enhanced search experience. We have also implemented an instant search capability to provide relevant results instantly based on the key words entered in the search box.

Mobile-Friendly Design

You can access our site from anywhere at any time. We’ve optimized our site experience for mobile devices so you can easily take us with you when you’re on the go.