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Investor Basics

Your Financial Plan
Financial Planning
  • Working with an Advisor
  • Goals, Time Frames and Risk Tolerance
  • Staying on Track
Our Perspective:

A financial advisor can help you evaluate your goals, time frame, risk tolerance, and determine the types of investments most appropriate to help you achieve your goals.

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Understanding Risk
Understanding Investment Risk
  • What is Risk?
  • Kinds of Risk
  • Understanding Volatility and Inflation Risk
Our Perspective:

Understanding risk and your tolerance for risk before you invest can help avoid costly decisions during volatile markets.

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Managing Investment Risk
  • Four Basic Strategies
  • Diversification and Asset Allocation
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging
Our Perspective:

Balancing risk and return will have a major influence on achieving your financial goals. Work closely with a financial advisor to understand and plan.

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Investment Compounding
  • Basics of Compounding
  • Reinvested Earnings
  • Rewards of Starting to Invest Now
Our Perspective:
The impact of time on an investment makes getting started now a wise move. To put the power of compounding on your side, you'll need to give it time to do its work.
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Long-Term Investing
  • The Buy-and-Hold Mindset
  • Patience Has Been Rewarded
  • Evaluating Regularly
Our Perspective:

Timing the market is a fool's errand. Investors typically do better with a strategy built on patience and persistence.

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