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Account Services

Electronic Transfers
Electronic Transfers
  • Link Checking or Savings Account to Mutual Fund Account
  • Convenient Share Purchases by Phone or Online
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Automatic Investing
Automatic Investing
  • Automate Dollar-Cost Averaging
  • Build Convenience and Discipline into Investing Strategy
  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Scheduling
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Systematic Withdrawals
  • Automate the Sale of Shares by Selling on a Pre-Determined Schedule
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Scheduling
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  • View account documents online
  • Streamline your efforts to track your financial affairs
  • Reduce paper usage
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Investor Handbook
  • Learn about the various account services available to Franklin Templeton shareholders
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How Do I...?
  • Obtain a Signature Guarantee
  • Change the Name on My Account
  • Change Ownership Due to Divorce or Death
  • Change My Sole or Joint Tenant Account to My Trust
  • Transfer an UGMA/UTMA when Custodianship Ends
  • Plus Other Operational Activities
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