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Franklin Limited Maturity U.S. Government Securities Fund

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Symbol FRGVX
CUSIP 353 612 203
Fund Number 136
Inception Date1 Apr 15, 1987
Distributions Monthly
Total Net Assets
(all share classes)

As of  

NAV Change N/A
YTD Total Return at NAV N/A
Distribution Rate at NAV N/A
30-day Standardized Yield4

Average Annual Total Returns

w/ Sales Charge w/o Sales Charge
1 Yr N/A N/A
5 Yrs N/A N/A
10 Yrs N/A N/A
Life N/A N/A

Expense Ratio and Sales Charge

Gross Expense Ratio5 N/A
Net Expense Ratio N/A
Max Initial Sales Charge 2.25
CDSC 0.00
12b-1 Fee 0.10
Federal ID Number  94-6600096
For information on tax years prior to 2008, please contact us.

Tax Year:  

Distributions(per share)

These amounts represent current year cash distributions paid by the fund and foreign taxes passed through (if any). These amounts are reported to shareholders on Form 1099-DIV.

Pay Date Ordinary Dividends ($)    Long-Term Cap Gains ($) Non-Taxable Return of Capital ($) Tax-Exempt Income ($) Total
Distributions ($)
Qualified Dividend Income ($)
Jun 18 0.021495 0.021495
May 30 0.005324 0.005324
Apr 30 0.014137 0.014137
Mar 31 0.014556 0.014556
Feb 28 0.014720 0.014720
Jan 31 0.014974 0.014974
Total  0.085206  0.085206

Additional Tax Information  for Tax Year 2014

Direct U.S.Gov't Obligations %
Specified Private Activity Bond Interest %
   Not applicable to this fund.
Dividends-Received Deduction %
   Not applicable to this fund.

Tax-Exempt Income Jurisdiction  for Tax Year 2014

Not applicable to this fund.

Foreign Tax Credit Information

Not applicable to this fund.

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