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Our Perspective on Recent Market Volatility

Greg Johnson, CEO
Franklin Resources, Inc.
A Letter from CEO Greg Johnson

As you are aware, global markets are going through a period of increased volatility caused by a confluence of events. Concerns over sovereign credit fears originating in Europe, a potentially slower-than-expected economic recovery in developed economies, and an uncertain regulatory environment have all contributed to swings in the markets over the past several months.

While current market events should by no means be dismissed, we believe they are ...More

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More Perspectives:

Europe: Investment Opportunity Created by Turmoil

Cindy L. Sweeting, CFA©
Director of Portfolio Management
Templeton Global Equity Group
As of November 18, 2011
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European Equities:
A Perspective on the Debt Crisis

Philippe Brugere-Trelat
Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager
Franklin Mutual Advisers, LLC
As of September 23, 2011
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Updated Perspective on Recent Short-Term Market Volatility

Michael Hasenstab, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Co-Director, International Bond Department
Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group
As of September 22, 2011
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Recent U.S. Equity Markets Deconstructed

Kent Shepherd, CFA®, CIC
Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager
Franklin Equity Group®
As of August 16, 2011
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Emerging-Market Stocks May Offer Long-Term Growth Potential

Mark Mobius, Ph.D.
Executive Chairman
Templeton Emerging Markets Group
As of August 11, 2011
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