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Investing Your Contribution

Donors to Franklin Charitable Giving Program may choose between a number of professionally managed investment strategies. Your financial advisor can help you select the strategy that best suits your charitable needs.

Each time you make a contribution to your Franklin Charitable Giving Program account, you can select how the contribution is invested. By investing your contribution, you have the opportunity to grow these assets and potentially to increase the size of your charitable grants over time.

Franklin Templeton Investments provides the professional investment management for Franklin Charitable Giving Program. You may recommend that your contribution be invested in one of five predefined investment strategies, or you may create your own investment strategy. All strategies are made up of Franklin Templeton mutual funds.

Investment strategies

Five pre-defined investment strategies are available, each with different objectives and risk/reward profiles. Select one of our five pre-defined investment strategies or create your own.

Franklin Corefolio® Strategy
Invests in four equity funds. Offers the potential for long-term growth and significant diversification across multiple industries.

Franklin Founding Funds Strategy
Invests in equal allocations (33⅓%) in three value-oriented funds—each a cornerstone fund with a 50-year track record. Offers diversification across multiple asset classes and a record of low relative volatility with the potential for attractive long-term results.

Franklin Growth and Income Strategy
Invests in Franklin Equity Income Fund (33%), Franklin Rising Dividends Fund (33%) and Franklin Mutual Shares Fund (34%). Seeks to realize both capital appreciation and current income by investing primarily in income-producing equity series.

Franklin Fixed Income Strategy
Invests in equal allocations (50%) in two income funds. Seeks current income by investing in a variety of debt and income-producing securities.

Create Your Own Giving Strategy. Donors can create their own personal giving strategy by allocating their contribution among the following funds (total must equal 100%):

Templeton Growth Fund

Franklin Flex Cap Growth Fund
Franklin Growth Fund
Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund

Franklin Mutual Shares Fund

Franklin Rising Dividends Fund

Franklin Templeton Money Fund
Franklin Total Return Fund
Franklin U.S. Government Securities Fund

Franklin Equity Income Fund
Franklin Income Fund

Donors who do not select an investment strategy will automatically be placed in the Franklin Growth and Income Strategy. The selected fund's Board of Trustees has the sole responsibility and authority for investing the fund's assets and may adjust the composition of its investment strategies from time to time.

Donors will have the ability to change their investment strategy composition once a year.

Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. will invest the donor's contribution as soon as administratively possible. The date of the purchase may be delayed by market deadlines and trade settlements. The value of each investment strategy will be determined at the end of each business day, based on the prices of the underlying mutual fund shares. This value will include any realized or unrealized gains or losses and undistributed net investment income attributable to the strategies (if applicable).

Please remember, there is no assurance any strategy (or underlying mutual fund) will achieve its objective. Share prices and investment returns will fluctuate with changes in the market.

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