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Franklin Income Fund

For investors looking for income, this fund’s name says it all. For over 60 years, the Fund has consistently provided income to its investors.  Adhering to a disciplined, value-oriented approach, Franklin Income Fund invests in stocks, bonds and convertibles—with no set proportions on its asset allocation—which leads to strategic diversification.  This flexibility allows the fund to adjust across different market cycles  to find the most attractive investment opportunities.

    20 Years of Monthly Dividends1

    January 1, 1993–December 31, 2012
    $100,000 Initial Investment (Class A with Sales Charge), 4% Initial Withdrawal, 3% Annual Increase, Reinvest Dividends and Capital Gains

    Income Summary Illustration
    TOTAL INCOME: $107,481

    Franklin Incomd Fund Income Summary Bar Chart

    Account Value After Taking Income

    Franklin Income Ending Value

    Key Points

    • Sector Expertise
      Franklin Income Fund’s managers tap the sector expertise of Franklin's equity and credit analysts when selecting investments for the fund, which helps maintain the fund's highly diversified approach.
    • Strong Performance Record
      Franklin Income Fund Class A shares performance ranked in the top quartile of the Morningstar Conservative Allocation category for the 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-year periods ended 9/30/13.2