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Franklin Rising Dividends Fund

Employs a rigorous, research-driven stock selection process with a focus on companies that feature (1) consistent dividend increases, (2) substantial dividend increases, (3) strong balance sheet, (4) reinvestment of earnings and (5) attractive price (low P/E ratio).

    Franklin Rising Dividends Fund
    Advisor Class Shares
    As of June 30, 2014
    fi360 Fiduciary Score®
    (# of Peers)
    Score Avg 1yr Avg 3yr Avg 5yr Avg 10yr
    FRDAX Large Blend 31 18 11 16 -
    (1,333) (1,251) (1,128) (910) (548)

    fi360 Fiduciary Score® is a peer percentile ranking of an investment against a set of quantitative due diligence criteria selected to reflect prudent fiduciary management. The fi360 Fiduciary Score should not be used as the sole source of information in an investment decision. Visit fi360.com/fi360-Fiduciary-Score for the complete methodology document.1

    Key Points

    • Selective Screening Strategy
      The fund’s unique, disciplined approach to stock selection makes it a compelling Large Cap Blend fund that both plan participants and plan sponsors can understand.
    • A Record of Low Volatility
      Franklin Rising Dividends Fund Advisor Class shares delivered low relative volatility with a beta of 0.77 when compared to the Russell 3000 Index over a 3-year period ending 3/31/14.2
    • Low Expenses, Active Management
      As of 3/31/14, Franklin Rising Dividends Fund Advisor Class net expense ratio was 0.69%, versus 1.01% for the Lipper Multi Cap Core category average.