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Franklin Rising Dividends Fund

Focuses on companies that have a history of consistently paying and increasing their dividends over time, which generally is an indicator of stability and growth.

    20 Years of Systematic and Increasing Withdrawals1

    January 1, 1993–December 31, 2012
    $100,000 Initial Investment (Class A with Sales Charge), 4% Initial Withdrawal, 3% Annual increase, Reinvest Dividends and Capital Gains

    Income Summary Illustration
    TOTAL INCOME: $107,481

    Rising Dividends Fund Income Summary

    It’s important to note that the amounts withdrawn do not represent dividends or income, but rather the proceeds from the sale of shares. Sufficient shares are sold from the shareholder’s account at the time of each withdrawal to provide for such payments.2


    Account Value After Taking Income

    Rising Dividends Fund Portfolio Value

    Key Points

    • Disciplined Investment Process
      Franklin Rising Dividends Fund employs a rigorous, research-driven stock selection process with a focus on companies that feature (1) consistent dividend increases, (2) substantial dividend increases, (3) strong balance sheet, (4) reinvestment of earnings and (5) attractive price (low P/E ratio).
    • Strong Performance Record
      Franklin Rising Dividends Fund Class A share performance ranked in the top quartile of the Morningstar Large Blend category for the 5-year period ended 9/30/13.3