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Retirement Income Strategies and Expectations (RISE) Survey 20141


The survey uncovered many contradictions relating to retirement income planning. The biggest: while a majority of people have a positive view of retirement, most aren’t taking steps to reach the retirement they aspire to.


    The Outlook is Positive…

    Of those surveyed who stated they plan to retire, 72% are looking forward to it and describe it in favorable terms. 

    …But Not Enough is Being Done

    The #1 piece of advice from the currently retired is to save early, save often, save consistently, BUT 42% of those aged 25-34 and 36% of those aged 35-44 have not started saving for retirement.

    “Don’t Know” is Not a Strategy

    When asked about how much income they will be able to replace with their retirement plan at work or through Social Security, or how much of their retirement savings they will be able to withdraw every year, over 50% said they “did not know”.

    Fortunately, Getting started is Easy

    Working with an advisor to create a written retirement income plan may help you understand your options better and put you on a clearer path to retirement success.

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