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Income for what's next

A future as unique as you

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Retirement is all about what's next. Pursuing new challenges, rediscovering old passions, or maybe just enjoying life's simple pleasures. Whatever your retirement goals are, you will need regular Income for What's Next.

Prioritize Your

What will you discover?

What will you accomplish?

What are your travel plans?

One key to being ready is prioritizing your goals and concerns. Use our Personal Assessment to help define your retirement and share with your advisor.

Personal Assessment (Writeable PDF)

Personal retirement assessment

Calculate Your

"How will I pay for the life I want in retirement?"

Many people struggle with this fundamental question. The next crucial step in helping to build an effective retirement plan is identifying your basic and discretionary expenses.

Personal Assessment (Writeable PDF)

Calculate your retirement expenses

Determine your

You may draw from different sources to create income during retirement. How much will you potentially need from your investments?

An advisor can help you build a plan that aims to reach your goals.

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Determine your income


of those we surveyed who have developed a written retirement income plan are confident with it.3



Knowing what you want in retirement and making it happen are two different things. Tap into the expertise of your financial advisor to help you answer these questions:

  • How can I be more confident about retirement? [Infographic]
  • When should I start taking Social Security? [Brochure]
  • How much more income do I need to pay my expenses?
  • Which investments are right for me?
  • What's potentially my largest asset in retirement?

Building a sustainable retirement income strategy is about more than just saving. It's about putting your money to work.

You want to build a portfolio that you can use to create an income stream under a variety of economic conditions.

It's essential that you work with your advisor to select the right investments to match your strategy.


We offer a unique combination of experience, global perspective and a consistent, disciplined approach in investing that has proven itself across market cycles.

Build Your Portfolio

Stay engaged, every person's situation is unique and Franklin Templeton has many investments to consider. These are just a few that can be used as building blocks for your portfolio. Talk to your advisor about building an investment strategy that suits your own needs in retirement.

Creating income from your nest egg may sound challenging. But, an advisor can help you build a portfolio that seeks to support an annual withdrawal strategy to meet rising costs or unexpected economic bumps over time.

View a potential investment strategy.